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The Raven

 by Carlo Gozzi
Adapted and Devised by Soft Brain Theatre Company

Music by Owen O'leary and Isaiah Spetz
Devised in-company

Our production of The Raven is a devised musical based on the Albert Bermel and Ted Emery translation of the Carlo Gozzi commedia play.

When King Millo shoots down a precious raven in the forest, an
abominable ogre inflicts a dreadful curse upon him that leaves the ill-fated king forever haunted. His brother, Prince Jennaro, miserably searches the world for the key to break the curse, while thwarting the evil magic of a sorcerer known as Norando.

Director: CJ Diorio
Stage Manager: Megan Jeter

Set Design: Conner Gallerini, Isaiah Spetz, and RJ Tabachnick

Lighting Design: Hailey Kragelj

Sound Design: Isaiah Spetz

Norando - Emma Yaniger

Armilla - Lila Perlman

Jennaro - Nikki Amico

Pantalone - Isaiah Spetz

Tartaglia - Owen O'leary

Truffaldino - RJ Tabachnick

Leandro - Joshua Kukafka

Brighella - Nicole Tsarouhas

Dove 1 - Lara Garcia-Landa

Dove 2 - Joshua Kukafka

Horse - Lara Garcia-Landa

Dragon - Nicole Tsarouhas and company

a man on stilts, dressed as an ogre, creeps upon a company of comedy actors



The Raven, directed by CJ Diorio, premiered Off-Broadway at the Chain Theatre in New York City to critical acclaim in June of 2022. The company continues to investigate the text and is looking forward to new mounted productions in the near future.

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