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The Fake Husband
A Musical Comedy
May 9th - 19th

When the former love interest of a married woman arrives back in town, the married woman is forced to grapple with the choice between lustful memories and stable romance. At the same time, her father has taken on a much younger woman as his future bride. Chaos ensues as the servants play tricks on their masters in their pursuit to match everyone with their true loves. 

Translated by Rosalind Kerr; published by Iter Press.

Original Music by Oliver Richman

Directed by Nicole Tsarouhas

Cast: Denny!, Nikki Amico, Nicole Borbone, William Burns, Chanterelle Davis, Jake Erickson, Megan Jeter, Georgia Reichard, Hailey Sky, RJ Tabachnick, Emma Yaniger.

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