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Theatre Sequence Initiated

A new sci-fi musical by Owen O'leary

Workshop - December 2022

A giant robotic octopus grabbing a human alien

Theatre Sequence Initiated is an original musical by Owen O'leary.


It's a choose-your-own-adventure story in which the futuristic Earth 2 has been taken over by a cyborg overlord and tyrannized by the entertainment machine. Soft Brain Theatre Company workshopped the show to test out the choose-your-own-adventure technology, which involved the creation of a proprietary mobile app with mini-games and voting functions.

Theatre Sequence Initiated explores the relationships between technology and theatre, consumers and media, and society and the internet.

About the writer:

Owen O'leary, writer of Theatre Sequence Initiated

Owen is a singer, actor and writer based in NYC, and is honored and inspired that his little play is getting workshopped by Soft Brain. Owen was a co-composer, musical director, and puppet-maker in Soft Brain's spring 2022 production of The Raven.


Shark lover, gluten-free baking enthusiast, single mother of three.

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