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Clown Stew

What the heck is clown stew?

Well, I'll tell ya.

It's Soft Brain Theatre Company's new recipe––our new laboratory––our new venture into the world. 

Since our last episode, we've decided to forge onward with the play, the exploration, and the magic. Starting in August, Soft Brain Theatre company is meeting once a week to workshop new materials, play with old materials, and work soft brain muscles. 

we three clowns, surprisedJPG

What's next down the pipe?

Pay attention to our social media accounts and subscribe to our mailing list, because soon we'll be hosting public Clown Stew cabaret events.

We are very excited about the possibilities that this group will bring!

Email us if you're dying to know more!

Lara Garcia-Landa clowning
Isaiah Spetz - clowning
Owen O'leary Clowning
Emma Yaniger clowning
RJ Tabachnick clowning
Nicole Tsarouhas clowning
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