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Updated: Mar 21, 2022


Thank the gods you’re reading this.

We have a problem. No, Really, it’s a matter of life and death. Of fate and certain doom. Please, give me a page to explain.

It began long ago, in the before times, when death and doom weren’t so much everyday dealings. A friend of mine - let’s call him R.J. - had just endured a treacherous and very sweaty journey in order to meet with a remarkable oracle named Orlando. All-too-curious R.J. came to the all-mighty Orlando with a head steeped in hot regret and a wandering heart beating only for the “what ifs.” He asked the oracle what the story of his life would have been had he chosen a different prompt. Orlando the Sneak presented R.J. with a possible answer: a centuries-old play entitled The Raven, written by a prophet named Carlo Gozzi. No, not that “The Raven.” This one is a tragi-comic fairy tale, with music, merrymaking, and buffoons! But also, and most importantly, the most horrible, unspeakable, RUINOUS (c u r s e!) ((I’m really not even supposed to mention it, so I can’t say it any louder than that!))

I can tell you no more. Tune in for updates regarding this ravishing and magical journey!


the Soft Brain team

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